Piano Moving Skid Boards


Piano Moving Skid Board with E Track Snap – Loc’s to be used with Series E Clip Straps. Straps not included!

Due to waiting for Lumber we are about 2 to 3 weeks behind on all piano Boards!




Our Piano Moving Skid Boards or sometimes called Grand Boards. Comes with the popular snap- Loc- e track fittings to use with Series E Straps. limiting to less cut out holes to give more strength to our rails. Also comes with 4 each 1/2″ Manila rope handles on both sides for easier handling. It has heavier padding with a Canvas top to protect your piano finish!

Built by TCB.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 16 × 8 in
Piano Skid Boards

PB – 5 Piano Skid Board, PB – 6' Piano skid Board, PB – 7' Piano Skid Board


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