Packing Paper



This bundle of packing paper is the most economical way to pack and protect fragile items from the stresses of moving or shipping and used by professional movers for just that purpose. Ideal for wrapping dishes, glasses, fine china and other fragile items in the home. Use this clean, white ink-free paper instead of newspaper to keep your valuables and hands clean. Each bundle contains approximately 400 sheets.

– Large bundle of packing paper – Also known as: Newsprint or Wrapping Paper.
– Sheet size: 36″ x 24″ – This is the most used size by professional movers.
– Use packing paper / newsprint sheets as an economical way to pack and protect fragile items when moving or shipping.
– Clean, white newsprint  sheets are a fast and ideal solution to wrap and protect dishes, glasses and other breakable items.
– Bundle of 400 Sheets – 25 Lbs.

Made from 100% recycled paper
Each sheet measures 24″W x 36”L
Weight: 25 lb.


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