Mohawk Blendal Stick 12 Pack Assortment


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Mohawk Blendal Stick 12 pack assortment are used to add or alter color when repairing and touching up wood. This product allows quick color replacements on raw or finished edges and flat surfaces. You can easily blend colors to achieve the perfect match.

– An easy way to add or adjust a color or touch-up
– Faster than powders
– Excellent opacity
– Replaces colors on raw or finished edges

Pack includes 1 each of M340-0029 Moss Glaze, M340-0030 Honey Spice, M340-0031 Toffee, M340-0032 Irish Creme Glaze, M340-0033 Antique White, M340-0034 Red Brown Mahogany, M340-0035 Dark Walnut, M340-0036 Perfect Brown, M340-0037 Caramel, M340-0038 Autumn Cherry, M340-0039 Cherry Glaze, and M340-0040 Mocha.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 10 x 2 in


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