Appliance Slide Mat Glider



Appliance slide mat now come’s with a pull strap! This mat is a high-quality appliance glider. It is perfect for sliding furniture and appliances.

This heavy duty mat is 48” x 30.” Our slide mat is extremely durable because it’s made with impact resistant high-grade plastic.

The slide mat handle is 5 inch wide x 2 inch deep so you can fit your hand through with ease.

Appliance slide mat is made from high impact plastic. The handle allows you to slide appliance with ease. Or use the strap provided to help pull the slider mat across the floor!

 large working surface designed to move major appliances around for repair or installation

Serves to protect hardwood or vinyl floors against scratches, gouges, tears, indentations and roller marks that can occur during the moving of large appliances.

More than one appliance mat can be used together to move the appliance across the floor.

This item is a must have for alike.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 31 × 1 in


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