Moving Pads

Moving pads and Moving Blankets are the same! The actual difference is that there is a non-woven polyester, woven polyester and cotton/poly blends. These are the most common types of fabrics used for manufacturing moving blankets.

Woven fabric is used on higher quality moving blankets and is more durable than non-woven fabric. The woven fabric can be made from polyester, polyester/cotton mix for maximum protection. Woven fabric is softer and offers the best “feel” for the most valuable cargo. More economical furniture moving blankets, are made from non-woven quilted fabric and work great as warehouse pads and storage blankets as well as for the occasional move.

With the woven fabrics the tighter the stitch the more durable it is, which do cost more than moving blankets in a non-woven fabric. The one key benefit of a woven blanket is it’s durability and usually washable so it’s great for repeated uses.

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