Curb Ramps

 We offer different types of curb ramps to make your job easier and safer!

Such as the aluminum Curb Ramps and the yellow molded plastic curb ramp and a fiberglass curb ramp! They can hold from 500 to 1,500 pounds!

These 3 different types are easy to use and store. A long with being light to carry.

Light weight curb ramp provides an easy way to move hand trucks with heavy loads over curbs and steps without rocking the cargo or causing strain to the operator. All offered  have a non-slip surface to provide excellent traction in all weather conditions. All can hang in the delivery van or truck for easy storage.

These ramps meets OSHA requirements for use as Curb Ramp. Curb Ramps allow for easy movement over uneven walking surfaces, eliminating the need to lift and pull fully loaded hand trucks.

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Showing all 4 results