4 Wheel Moving Dollies

We manufacture our own 4 wheel moving Dollies or some call furniture moving dolly or 4 wheel dollies! We want them to last! They are a great item to have for moving jobs, the furniture dollies can easily move large or bulky items that are too heavy or big to carry. They’re also handy to have around the house for those who want to move a large potted plant outside on to the patio, or a oversized box to another room, even a heavy toolbox in the garage. Our Dollies are made of quality kiln Hardwood from Kentucky!. We construct all Dollie rails at 1 1/16″ thick! Bull nosed on both the inside and outside edges for easier handling. Made durable to help prevent down time and to make your job easier! Our Moving Dollies all come with Quality Non Marking Caster’s that are safe for hardwood and vinyl flooring.

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